Syarikat Muaz Force Sdn Bhd. was incorporated on 11 February 2009. The company is a private limited company incorporated with two directors, Mohd Azrul bin Zakaria and Datuk Ali bin Hanafiah.

The progress and rapid development of the country towards industrial and high technology in the region have greatly contributed to the existence of ‘downstream business’ related to manufacturing, finance and services. These companies have high-value assets, as well as need control and insurance protection with the payment of their services amounting to millions of ringgit.

These developments have raised awareness among industry operators, the financial industry, the construction sector, and individuals that security is crucial to controlling and protecting those interests.

The demand for this control is increasing due to the strength and rapid growth of the country's economy due to the government's action to modify the corporate structure against several large companies dealing with the country. Now, we feel that the scope of control services is increasing and the prospects for this business are getting brighter and stronger. In addition to the demand for these services, the advancement of advanced security-related equipment is increasingly being introduced in our market. Both services (physical and electronic control) are potential and viable business opportunities to venture into, to achieve optimal profits. 



MUAZ FORCE SDN. BHD. wants to be one of the strong and competitive Security Control Services Company where trust and humanity are our top concern. Short-term and long-term planning will expand the company's status to the pinnacle of success. The clear and clear concept and goals of this company, remain superior and viable in moving towards the vision of the country


As a Security Control Services Company, we will always provide and improve the quality of service as our main objective is to ensure that property and personal belongings are safe. Analyze potential, create company capabilities.